Pais Vasco

Just over the border from France is the Spanish region of Pais Vasco. A landscape where the mountains of the Pyrenees meets the coastline of the Bay of Biscay creating beautiful scenery and epic surfing locations.

Recommended beaches in Pais Vasco


A consistent beach break, popular with many quality surfers. There are a variety of peaks that tend to work well on the high tide. Can get crowded during the summer months, when parking can be a problem.


World famous and a legendary break to boot. Ask anybody what one of the best rides in the world is and they will respond with "Mundaka of course". Great sets, long barrels that break consistently and evenly. A wave that is not necessarily for the inexperienced and the locals should be treated with respect, they will take the best of the peaks but this will still leave you with plenty to reminisce over later.